Where is Our True Fortress?

My fortress“The Lord is my rock and my fortress…”

How often do my fears cause me to create my own little fortress? My feeble efforts to control life, to steer others, and to cushion myself from possible harm only cause me to look away from my true Deliverer.

My self-made protections are feeble and crumbling. When I finally admit that, I’m able to stop relying on myself and turn to the only One who can save me, protect me, and guide me safely home.

Lord, please help us stop seeking false refuges. Help us find strength from Your Word, grant us trust in Your mercy, and deepen our faith in Your purposes. Amen.

Blessings! Sharon Hinck

(For more devotional thoughts and prayers by Sharon Hinck,  see Our Lord Emmanuel: Daily Prayers for Advent or Mornings with Jesus)

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