Signing On for Another Project

SigningI love signing a new contract. Writing work is unpredictable. So I always feel tremendous gratitude when I know I’ll have work lined up for a while.

This is me signing up to write devotions for Mornings with Jesus 2018.

I was honored to be invited again, and am hard at work on a new batch for them.

People sometimes ask me the best thing about being an author. My contributions to MWJ over the years lead to of one of those “best things.” I hear from readers. What they share gives me goosebumps. Sometimes they open the daily devotion on the worst day of their life – a scary diagnosis, the loss of a spouse, or another challenge. And the devotion for that day just “happens” to be targeted to their need. I love how God does that.

C.S. Lewis said, “We read to know we are not alone.” When I write in solitude, I remember that there is a reader who will long for a word of comfort one day. I pray that God will send the devotional musing to them exactly when they need it.

On another note, thank you to everyone who has been posting reviews for my latest book, The Deliverer. The story is only 7 reviews away from having 50 reviews on Amazon. That’s a benchmark that brings more visibility so others can find the story. Keep them coming!

Time for me to get busy. Thanks for letting me share my gratitude today. Is there something special you are grateful for today? Post it in the comments!

Have a blessed day,

Sharon Hinck



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10 thoughts on “Signing On for Another Project

  1. Thank you for posting this update:) And congrats on nearly 50 reviews for the Deliverer! I’m a big fan of the Sword of Lyric series. 😀

  2. Thanks, Anna! I’m really hoping more people find The Deliverer. Even some readers who loved the first 3 books don’t know yet that there is 4th one. LOL! I’ve done what I can to get the word out, but I know it will help when the reviews hit 50. I’m so glad you enjoyed the series. Those characters feel like dear friends to me.

  3. In that case… 😀 I just posted the cover of TD on Facebook. Under “Anna Bourassa”. My dad is the one who found your books for me to read and I am forever glad! Bye!

  4. I love how God isn’t through with you and your writing Sharon. By the grace and strength of our God, keep on writing. You are an amazing author and I am so glad I have gotten to know you.

  5. Thanks, Kathy. I marvel that He can use even me, even on my worst days. Even when I can’t bring much focus or energy to the table, He’s there to meet me.

  6. I love Mornings with Jesus. Your August 25th devotion hit me where I needed it. As a result, I decided to learn more about your journey. Already ordered my 2017 Mornings. Can’t wait to see how God continues to use you in 2018. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  7. Thanks so much, Dixie. I always love hearing how God uses one of my little thoughts to bless someone. I pray that we will both learn to quickly spot the dragons in our lives, and that the grace and love of Jesus will fill our sails and steer us back on course.

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