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Some days I have small thoughts or bits of news that don’t merit a full blog post…so today I’ll gather a few updates to share.

1. A new novel and slow but steady progress.

I write every day, and long for a Handel-composing-the-Messiah sort of frenzied output. But I’m learning to be content with one sentence, one paragraph, one page at a time. I’m excited by the new world that’s shaping up in the novel I’m currently writing, and I’m finding joy in telling this story. I’ll share more soon. Be sure to subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss any news.

2. The Deliverer reviews

It’s important to the algorithms for a book to hit the 50 review mark on Amazon. That increases visibility to readers who are browsing for a good read. I’m thrilled to share that so far The Deliverer has 41 reviews. If you haven’t posted a review yet, please do!  Only 9 to reach that important milestone.

3. Mornings with Jesus Bible

After contributing to Guidepost’s Mornings with Jesus devotion books over the last five years, I’m honored to have some of my devotions included in a new daily Bible.

4. Mornings with Jesus 2017

You’ll also find around 40 of my new devotional thoughts in Mornings with Jesus 2017.

5. A treat for those who follow this blog

Leave a comment here about which of my novels or devotions you’ve most enjoyed, AND your email (write it like “your name at email dot carrier” so bots can’t read it.)and I’ll draw one name to receive a free copy of A Novel Idea, a book chock full of great writing wisdom from a variety of Christian authors. Even if you aren’t a writer, I know you’ll enjoy hearing the hearts of the folk who create the books you love to read.

6.  Progress in my journaling Bible

As I shared in an earlier blogpost about my new journaling Bible, I’ve found new inspiration to linger in the Word each day. Even a book that normally bogs me down – like Leviticus – has offered new insights. I challenged myself to not just read a chapter to check it off my list, but to really dig in with all my questions and reactions. I confess Deuteronomy was long and difficult, but I found challenges and encouragement there as well. I’ll be starting Joshua next week. Onward!

7. Featured interview

In case you missed it, I did a recent interview for a site that features Lutheran authors. Mary Moerbe asked me some interesting new questions.

Okay, back to work for me. I pray God blesses you this week – in your relationships, your work, your health, your dreams!


Sharon HInck

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18 thoughts on “Updates and Random Thoughts

  1. I thoroughly enjoy your books and blogs and it’s difficult to choose. For sentimental reasons, I think I will choose the Sword of Lyric series as those books were my introduction to your writing.

    theprodigal1 at msn dot com

  2. Sharon, it is so good to get your blog and keep up with what is going on in your life now. I am so happy to know you are working on a new book. Looking forward to it, whenever that is.

    My favorites of your books is still the Sword of Lyric series. I loved every one of them and now I’m not sure which would be my favorite if I had to choose only one.
    I have liked all of your books and the different genres are great but I still like Sword of Lyric best.

  3. Thanks Ruth… your love and support over the years has meant so much. (And you’re entered for the drawing) 🙂

  4. I love the Sword of Lyric series best! But I have !loved reading everything you have written. I love the devotions in Mornings With Jesus and glad you are participating in the new Study Bible. Blessings on your writing today.

  5. Sharon, I enjoy all of your writing! Your devotions are moving and your fiction takes me away from my day to day life. I guess I will choose your first Becky book as my favorite. I read that at a time when her situation really spoke to what I was going through. Please keep writing!

  6. Thanks, Karen. Becky really epitomized the pressure we put on ourselves…she taught me a lot. 🙂 I’ve entered you in the drawing. 🙂

  7. I really loved stepping into the sunlight. It was touching, and I also shared it with my grandma who had anxiety about leaving the house.

    Mrsjohnsson at gmail dot com

  8. It’s hard for me to choose which one I love the best out of your Sword of Lyric series. But. . .I’m going to say the first book–it seems I’m always a first movie or first book kind of person. I love the newness, I guess, of learning about a new world and exploring that world. 🙂

  9. How cool that your work is going to be in A BIBLE! But you have such a gift to write what will be a salve for the weary and encouragement for the hurting. Keep writing that book and celebrate every sentence!

    BTW my fav has got to be The Deliverer. What a great stand alone but when you’ve read the whole series…Wow!

  10. Carrie, thanks for sharing that! How precious that you could share it with your grandma. I’ve entered you in the drawing. 🙂

  11. Thanks, Beth. That book was special to me, too. Of course you love exploring new worlds – you create them every day in YOUR books! 🙂 I’ve entered you in the drawing. 🙂

  12. Thanks, Angie. It feels a bit weird to be skimming through chapters of the Bible and stumble across a devotion I’ve written tucked alongside. But I love the way they organized some OT and some NT and some Psalms for each day. Makes it easy to read the whole Bible in a year. I’m SO GLAD you love The Deliverer. I hope more folks find it! I’m entering you in the drawing!

  13. I would pick the Sword Of Lyric series, hands down! I just love all the varied characters, and each is so relatable in different ways. Of all, The Deliverer is the most unusual. I mean, with each book, the characters develop and mature bit by bit. By the fourth book, just about everything we thought we understood about the Lyric world changes. The characters are left grappling with choices that they haven’t had to deal with before (think Linnette), or at least, not in the way they have before (think Mark and Susan). The end makes me long for more! Great writing!

    But what I think is the best part of the entire series is in The Restorer’s Son, when Kieran is forced to battle with the One, and then their amazing talk afterward. Honestly, I think Kieran may be the best character of all, and the one to go through the most character development. (Arguable, since all the main characters go through a lot.) Thanks for writing, Sharon!

  14. Thanks, Naomi. I have to admit, that scene with Kieran was one of my favs. I’m so glad you liked the Sword of Lyric! I’ve entered you in the drawing. 🙂

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