Remembering Beauty and Love

RememberingYesterday was a day of remembering violence and loss. I have vivid memories of watching the news as a second plane hit the Twin Towers.

When my heart aches at the cruelty and darkness in the world, it helps me to also remember beauty and love.

The pitcher in the photo was a gift from a dear friend that God brought into my life. The flowers are a gift from my garden. Both fill my heart with joy.

God created a world of infinite beauty. He also invited us to live in loving interaction with Him and each other.

Sin has marred the beauty and crippled our ability to love. But in Him we still catch glimpses of what was and will one day be again.

Can you remember one beautiful thing from the past week? Did anyone show love to you?

Please share your recent blessing in the comments!

Praying we all notice many reminders of God’s love this coming week!


Sharon Hinck

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10 thoughts on “Remembering Beauty and Love

  1. This is a down to earth thing, but our neighbors told us to pick as many green tomatoes as we want. We picked about 5-6 gallons. I made green tomato relish, gave a few to our son who loves friend green tomatoes and also gave his 2 quarts of relish. These vegetables from our neighbor’s garden are so welcome and so wonderful. They are a small way of showing and sharing love and friendship. We’re their house-sitter in the winter and this is their way of thanking us for 3 months of that task. It’s now pretty flowers in a sweet vase, but it is good food when we need it! Thanks for your thoughts Sharon.

  2. I saw God’s beauty in the rivers and streams of Michigan’s Upper Penincula; peaceful, calming, and magestic all at the same time!!!

  3. Sydra, what a beautiful gift!!! I always love when folks share from their gardens (or when I can share from mine).

  4. Thanks for sharing that Catherine – I ADORE the U.P. Have had wonderful times hiking that region. Now you’ve stirred more memories of beauty for me. THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  5. Last week was full of blessings! My son has been very sick all summer and was in three different hospitals. Last week he had a successful surgery to put in a pacemaker. He is home now where he is recuperating.

    I started a new Bible study with Proverbs 31 Ministries. My small group is exceptional as they bond with each other and are helping others.

  6. God sent us an abused and abandoned dog that shows us such love and affection, he is a blessing to us every day! Thank you, Lord, for Brandy and for Sharon Hinck, a lovely and faithful lady.

  7. Oh, Connie, you have reminded me of how much we learn of love and affection from the creatures God has made. Hooray for Brandy! Thanks for sharing that!

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