Creating in Quiet Places

Creating can happen in quiet places.

When I released a fourth Sword of Lyric book, I made an effort to become more active on social media. I blogged, I posted on Facebook, I even tweeted a little.

However, I found that in order to write a new novel, I needed to put my “word energy” into creating a new world and a new story, and had to set aside those online efforts.

So I’ve neglected my blog. I figured I’m due for an update, for the sake of those who stop by to visit my website.

I’ve spent the last year making progress on a new fantasy series that I’ve very excited about. Then in the new year I was sidetracked by lots of editing jobs. I love helping other authors hone their work. So I’ve followed the path of least resistance and focused my time on the projects that have come in, with only occasional dips back into the story.

However, my plan is to resume writing soon.

Have a lovely summer! I hope you find your own quiet corners where you can dream, build, and create.


Sharon Hinck

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3 thoughts on “Creating in Quiet Places

  1. I think of you so often Sharon and am sorry that we have lost touch. I am excited to hear about your new series. Please clue me in. I pray for you and am trusting that you are in a better place. I am having pain issues and going to a pain clinic. Some progress and trust that at some point I can sleep in my bed again.



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