The “Why” Behind the Choice


This morning I got home from a doctor’s appointment exhausted. I’ve been faithfully hitting my word count goal each M-F to meet my next writing deadline. I’m even a little ahead of schedule. Since my body feels beaten up, it occurred to me to take the day off.

Anxiety immediately began twisting behind my ribs. I was afraid that if I missed a writing day, I’ll totally forget how to write.

Writing daily is a good plan for someone who feels called to write. But I realized I needed to look at the “Why” behind that choice. I want to write out of obedience, the joy of creating, the hope that something I write will bless another…not out of fear of losing skill or fear of being left behind if I don’t produce enough.

Jesus challenges us to go deeper – to look for reasons and motivations and not just our outer actions. For example, praying is a good thing. Yet He showed us that the Pharisee who used prayer as a way to boast and make himself look good was praying for the wrong motives. Or those who tithed their dill but didn’t care for their parents. Or disciples who pledged to follow, yet argued about who was the greatest.

We can do good things for the wrong reasons.

I’m learning to pause and think about my choices — when to be gentle with myself and when to push — and why I make those choices. Today I’m going to ask for the faith to trust that a day off will be healthy for me.

How about you? Are you pushing and striving out of a need to prove your worth (Psst! Here’s a secret: you are already worth SO MUCH to Jesus that He died for you.) Or are you stepping back from a challenge, feeling like you can’t make a difference anyway? (Jesus can make a huge difference through our small fish and loaves when we offer them.)

Whether we need to rest or need to advance, let’s ask Jesus to help us obey out of joy and trust.


Sharon Hinck


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8 thoughts on “The “Why” Behind the Choice

  1. Hi, Patti! It’s so easy to slide into “auto-pilot.” I’m glad Jesus reminded me to check my REASONS for some of my choices. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Sharon. A good reminder that I need to think about why I do all the things I do. I love the way you put it too.

  3. This is so right on, and the Lord has been really speaking to me about performance issues and walking in the fear of man and how it sometimes affects not only my spiritual life and emotional life, but my creativity, work and calling. I’m reading a book right now called, Called to Create by Jordan Raynor, and it is really helping me to biblically put gift talent and calling into perspective so that they are not overshadowed by performance and fear of man! How I need the grace of Jesus every moment and in every area of my life! He gives us gifts so that we can know him and make him known, and he never intends for our gifts to be a crushing burden, so I always know it’s sort of like a caution light in my life when I’m starting to veer towards legalism and self-deprecation! Which I can do a lot. 🙁

  4. Thanks for your thoughts, everyone! It’s good to know others are grappling with this issue, too! <3

  5. I am an avid reader but never have venturned into this type of fiction before. Your work opened many new perceptions for me and I am delighted and grateful. Go girl!

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