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Giving Thanks For You

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks…

Along with my other American friends, I’ve been inviting waves of gratitude to roll over me during this week of giving thanks. The truth that God loves me, apart from any efforts I could make to earn or bribe or manipulate that love, floods me with wonder. The dear people that inhabit my life–family friends–send tides of joy splashing inside my heart.

…For You

But today I want to take a moment to thank YOU….whether we have been close in “real life” or never met. I thank each person who reads my blog, who comments, or emails, or reassures me that the effort to create these occasional posts DOES matter.

I thank every person who has read one of my books, who entered that precious conversation between author and reader. Extra thanks to those who purchased the book (even though they could borrow it from a friend or find it in the library) because that investment helped the publishing house continue its efforts to bring stories into the world.

I thank each reader who took the time to post a review, tell a friend, or invite me to a book club to speak. You made a huge difference–not just in my morale, but in preventing the stories from fading into invisibility.

I’m hugely grateful to those of you who are Book Buddies – those who get my rare newsletter and often join in to contests, promotion events, or other activities to support my books.

And I’m giving thanks for your prayers. When I type another page, alone, exhausted, often feeling inadequate and fearful in the work, I’m bolstered by your prayer support.

Please feel free to share some of the things you are thankful for this week. I’d love to read your comments!

Blessings from a grateful heart,

Sharon Hinck

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Thanks – Given to You

ThanksAs I prepare my heart to focus on God’s many gifts, I want to reach out to my readers. You are a precious gift in my life.

I give thanks for you.

Whether you follow this blog, have read my books, subscribe to my Book Buddy newsletter, use the devotion books I write for, or just pop in occasionally to see what’s new, I’m blessed by my encounters with you.

Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for letting me pray for you. Thank you for letting me know when something I’ve written encourages you. Thank you for posting reviews and spreading the word about a new book release.

I’m so grateful that we can share the challenging adventures of life and keep pointing each other to the One who knows the end of the story.

I pray your Thanksgiving celebration will be warm and wonderful.

Much love,


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